Sunday, November 1, 2015

I've changed my mind...about changing my mind. (Expanded recipe collection at Kitchen Cheetahs now modified)

This is an update on this post I made a while back...

I am removing some very tasty (although "naughty") recipes from Kitchen Cheetahs. The white flour/white sugar recipes have found a new home. 

Please visit my new blog: for recipes for my:

 Magleby's Incredible Chocolate Cake
Perfect Hot Fudge Pudding Cake
Copy Cat Tiger's Milk Bars
Positively Evil Cinnamon Rolls
The Best Amazingly Chocolaty Texas Sheet Cake
German Puff Pancake
Superior Chicago-Style Cheesecake
Super Moist & Easy Poppy Seed Bundt Cake
Garlic Parmesan Bread Twists (Pizza Factory Copy Cat Recipe)
Moist Mississippi Mud Cake
Best Moist Banana Bread
Elegant Orange Blossom Crepes


I will also be posting articles about beauty, aromatherapy, mind stuff, and more. I have been contemplating this move for quite a while. Both blogs will be active and I hope you enjoy them.

This is the previous post below:


Kitchen Cheetahs will focus solely on Healthy Clean Eating.

I know I originally said that I would not post any recipes containing white flour or white granulated cane or beet sugar on Kitchen Cheetahs.

Enjoy the sweetness of life.

I changed my mind. I may change it back. I'm not sure yet...

Me, contemplating...

I thought about having a "NICE" blog (Kitchen Cheetahs) and a separate "NAUGHTY" blog for the OTHER recipes. You know the ones...sinfully delicious, hopelessly tempting, sugar-laden... foods on most people's NO-FLY-ZONE list.

Well, You get to make your own food decisions. I'm not here to tell you what to do.

After much contemplating, I decided I want all our treasured recipes on one blog. I trust you can sort through this growing recipe collection and find what fits you best at this time. And times change. Our dietary choices evolve as we do.

This food lifestyle blog has something for everyone at any stage of life.

I have noticed in my almost 2 months of blogging on Kitchen Cheetahs, that people are looking more at the traditional and familiar recipes than they are at the 'healthiest' raw food ones. My recent posts for my BEST Easy Spaghetti Sauce recipe and my Copy-Cat Costco Rotisserie Chicken Salad recipe are good examples of this.

Our favorite protein-packed bean sprout mix.

It also appears that 'healthified' versions of favorite familiar recipes are great as long as they don't cross over the line of being too weird tasting (as in, don't call carob chocolate).

I get it. Our comfort foods are the foods we were raised on, not that we don't ever get adventurous with our palate, we do. It's just that we generally get cravings for those foods from our childhood, something to think about as we are feeding our own young and growing children.

My daughter who has learned to eat healthy from a very young age.

I believe there is a time and a place for everything.

I also believe in moderation in all things.

I feel that if I take great care of my body on a daily basis, there is room in my life for an occasional piece of Texas Sheet Cake, chocolate mousse, buttery garlic Parmesan bread twists, or chocolate chip cookies, real ones.

I am fortunate in that I do not have any allergies to foods or otherwise. I am blessed with good health and I am very grateful for it. I choose to educate myself and live a healthful life. It has been my personal decision to occasionally partake of those foods some people label as evil or fattening. I decided not to feel bad about that.

 I do not think it is healthy to lay guilt trips on yourself. 

Make your choice and then ENJOY your choice.

There is to be joy in life.

If you decide the choice you made doesn't work, make another choice.

  Choose wisely.

Kitchen Cheetahs will still focus on delicious healthy foods and provide you with better alternatives. We continue to experiment in our test kitchens and look forward to sharing our discoveries with you. It is easy to find the types of foods you are looking for here.

Kitchen Cheetahs has several food categories to choose from, like:

and more...

Kitchen Cheetah's goal is to provide the BEST recipes. PERIOD

Your comments and feedback on this topic will be appreciated. Tell us what you want to see more of.

Thank you,


Meet Moki, our health conscious mini dachshund...

Moki is hoping for one of his favorite treats: RAW CARROTS! (He loves the bean sprout mix too.)


"What's that you say?"

"Your'e putting White Flour and White Sugar recipes on THIS blog?!"

Yes Moki, I am. People can listen to their own inner body wisdom. We have no need to worry."

Author, Leila (and Moki).