Kitchen Cheetahs Pantry & Equipment Recommendations

Kitchen Cheetahs Pantry

Here are a few basic items we use frequently in our recipes. They are healthier alternatives to sugar, hydrogenated shortening, white flour, etc... The items emphasized with bold lettering are a good place to start, then add from there.We will be adding to this list as time goes on.

Annatto (for natural orange-yellow food coloring)
Arrowroot starch
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) crystals or powder
Almond flour (from Honeyville Grain or...Lucy's brand (our favorite)
Almond milk, unsweetened
Arrowroot (for thickening like corn starch)
Beet root powder (for natural pink/purple food coloring)
Calcium/Magnesium powder
Cashews, raw
Chia seed oil, cold pressed
Chia seeds, black
Chia seeds, white
Chocolate liquor (unsweetened baking chocolate)
Chocolate, sugar-free (Lakanto's Dark Chocolate is by far our favorite)
Cocoa nibs
Cocoa powder, Dutched (1st choice)
Cocoa powder, Natural (our 2nd choice because it's sour)
Coconut Flour
Coconut milk
Coconut milk powder
Coconut oil, deodorized 76 degree
Coconut oil, virgin
Coconut water, unsweetened
Collagen powder (Different than gelatin, as it has no viscosity)
CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose)
Erythritol (we love Lakanto's white and golden sugar substitutes that are erythritol based)
Flax seeds
Gelatin, plain
Guar gum
Hi Maize (from Honeyville Grain) (It's 80% fiber and only 20% carbs)
IMO powder
IMO syrup
konjac flour
Lecithin, sunflower or non-GMO soy lecithin (liquid and granular)
Oat bran (Honeyville Grain)
Oat fiber (Honeyville Grain)
Palm shortening (unhydrogenated) (like Spectrum Naturals brand)
Palm sugar, organic evaporated, from coconut flowers (low glycemic index of 35)
Potassium chloride (use in our BioSalt recipe)
Potato flour (not the same as potato starch) (Honeyville Grain)
Potato starch
Psyllium husks
Psyllium husk, fine powder
Pumpkin seeds
Rice bran, stabilized (a fiber alternative to Oat bran) (Make sure it isn't rancid) (Honeyville Grain)
Sea salt, unbleached
Sesame seeds (Tahini)
Soy protein isolate (non-GMO)
Soy protein, fermented
Stevia glycerite (a recipe for how to make your own HERE)
Sunflower seeds, raw, shelled
Sweet rice flour (ultra fine!)
Tapioca flour (contains 7 % kasava fiber)
Tapioca starch (kasava)
Trehalose (Treha is the manufacture's name)
Tumeric powder (for natural yellow food coloring)
Vegetable glycerine (it must be food grade!)
Whey protein isolate
Xanthan gum

Best Equipment:

BlendTec blender (our 2nd favorite blender)
Champion Commercial Juicer                  
Cusinart Food Processor
Excalibur Food Dehydrator
Krups Seed/coffee mill
VitaMix blender (our favorite blender)

Author, Leila.