Our Philosophy - Healthy is Stealthy!

Our philosophy

Kitchen Cheetahs blog is about Healthy Clean Eating

Our recipes encourage a healthy body weight and healthy blood sugar levels, while keeping you feeling satisfied and truly enjoying your food. After all, FOOD IS FUN!

We encourage you to choose organic, GMO-free, chemical-free, minimally processed foods. We think cooking from scratch is a good idea. Creativity is the kitchen is encouraged. Please play with the recipes we give you. Let us know what works well for you.

There is a wide variety foods being represented here including:

Gluten free
Sugar free
Sugar alternative
Grain free
Nut free 
Dairy free
Egg free 
Raw foods
Low carb
High fiber
Healthy oils
High protein
Clean eating

Did I miss anything?

To see a recipe category, just click on the desired label at the very bottom of the blog home page. The recipes that apply will pop up on our blog for you.

Here at Kitchen Cheetahs, we like to use naturally sourced sugar-free sweeteners like Erythritol, Xylitol, IMO syrup, IMO powder, CitrusSweet, Monk Fruit extract, Stevia, Inulin, and other new sweet alternatives we are excited to introduce to you.

Whenever we can, we include healthy high-fiber ingredients in our formulas, both soluble/insoluble.

We do not use any white flour on Kitchen Cheetahs Blog. We will occasionally post a recipe containing sprouted grain or whole wheat, or other whole grains. (I changed my mind on the white flour thing. I want a place to post all my favorite recipes, so a select few of them will contain white flour. On rare occasions we will enjoy a recipe containing it. You of course, get to decide for yourself  when, or if you make food with white flour.)

We do not use white granulated cane or beet sugar on this blog. We will occasionally post recipes using raw honey, real maple syrup, agave nectar, etc. We try to give sweetening options, so you can choose what works best for you. (I changed my mind on this too. sometimes our family eats sugar. I have some great recipes that contain sugar. I want to post these delicious recipes too. Some recipes I have yet to convert to sugar-free.)

We do not use artificial chemical sweeteners EVER.

We do not use artificial flavors or colors.

We do not believe in fat-free foods. We encourage the consumption of healthy fats, used appropriately.

We believe in chocolate.

We do not promote foods high in starch Think of starch as sugar that doesn't taste sweet - what's the joy in that? Most gluten-free foods are very high in starches and are less nutritious than their gluten-filled counterparts!

We do not get preachy about what diets to follow (paleo, exclusively raw foods, or vegan, for example). We refuse to put ourselves in a box, and wouldn't want anyone else to feel like they have to do that either. 'Listen to your body', is what my mother always told me.

If you are looking for more conventional recipes, look at my other blog: artfulcheesewiz.blogspot.com

We want to share with the world what we have learned over the years from our food formulating backgrounds, as well as what we have experienced as mothers raising our families. We have raised our families in a health conscious  manner. Much of our food formulating experience has spilled over into what we prepare at home.

It is true that a lot of specialized ingredients that food manufacturers have access to are not available to the public consumer. A lot of these ingredients we don't want in our food anyway! However, there are an increasing number of healthy specialized ingredients being made available to food manufacturers. The big question here is, will the big commercial food manufacturers choose to use these new healthy ingredients? Most will not. It is public outcry demanding better products that impacts most of these big corporations.

One of our goals is to educate you on up and coming specialty ingredients, and when we can, provide you with these usually exclusive items. We want you to have access to these cool ingredients too!

We hope you enjoy our blog!

Leila and Nancy
(The Kitchen Cheetahs)