Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yummy Vegan Milk Recipe using our Creamy Plant Protein Base

Try our smooth textured, mild tasting, and easily digested Vegan Milk.

Here is a recipe for a fortified vegan milk that uses our Creamy Plant Protein Base formula.

We like this recipe because it makes a creamy milk that is higher in protein, as well as fiber.

Having a jar of already prepared Creamy Plant Protein Base in your refrigerator makes whipping together a batch of delicious vegan milk much easier. This creamy base replaces the whey protein powder called for in our Rich Lactose-Free Milk recipe posted earlier.

You can always just mix in your favorite plant protein powder blend (as is) if you are in a hurry - but your finished milk won't be so smooth and creamy, and the flavor of the protein will be stronger. You will make a nicer milk when using the prepared creamy protein base.

This is a very versatile recipe. You can sweeten the milk a little, or not, depending on what you intend to use it for. We use healthy sugar-free sweeteners in our milks, as we don't want the extra calories from sugar.

We especially like a combo of almond milk and coconut milk or coconut cream mixed in with our Creamy Plant Protein Base. Try combining your favorite seed milk with coconut milk, we think you will like it. You can easily make a quick coconut milk by pureeing dried unsweetened coconut with a little warm water in a VitaMix, and then squeezing it through a fine cloth.

Mom's Rich Vegan Milk Recipe:

1 quart lactose free milk *
2 to 3 T. Creamy Plant Protein Base, or more to taste
1/8 to 1/4 t. BioSalt, to taste
2 to 4 T. coconut milk powder (for a creamier taste), optional
1/4 t. stevia glycerite, to taste
A few drops of real vanilla extract
A few drops almond extract, optional


Place the 1 quart lactose-free milk of choice into a blender container.
Add the prepared Creamy Plant Protein Base. Blend to combine well.
Add the flavoring. (Vanilla and/or almond extract is especially good with coconut milk.)
Add the salt to taste, until the mixture does not taste "flat or watery".
Add stevia glycerite, to taste.

* You may choose from a variety of unflavored and unsweetened lactose free milks:
Almond milk (in milk section of grocery stores)
Coconut milk (in milk section of grocery stores)
Organic Soy milk (in milk section of grocery stores)
Rice milk (in milk section of grocery stores)
Cashew milk (homemade)
Hemp seed milk (homemade)
Sesame seed milk (homemade)
Sunflower seed milk (homemade)

See our Copy-Cat Almond Breeze Recipe for an example of how to make your own nut milk.


You can make this milk rich and sweet enough to be similar to Half & Half.

You may add 1/4 t. non-GMO liquid lecithin to this vegan milk, particularly when using coconut milk - It helps emulsify the fat, and adds wonderful nutrition for the nerves. Lecithin also makes the milk taste even creamier and richer.

Almond extract is the best thing we have found for complimenting the flavor of coconut, in fact going so far as to partially neutralize the coconut taste for people who do not like the taste of coconut milk.

This milk is wonderful used in many ways:

Added to hot cocoa mix
Poured over hot cereal like oatmeal
Used as a base for smoothies
Used as an ice cream base
Chilled for drinking a tall cold glass along with a side of cookies


Leila & Nancy.