Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Creamy Base for Smoothies, Protein Drinks & Milks (several vegetarian & vegan options)

Make this rich and creamy protein smoothie base ahead of time for quick healthy morning smoothies or dairy-free milk. 
Creamy Plant Protein Base

We have several ingredient options listed here, to fit just about any dietary need out there. We like keeping a mason jar full of this creamy protein base in our refrigerator. 

Add a bit of this base to your favorite smoothie recipe to up the protein and fiber content. We also use this Creamy Base recipe in our Yummy Vegan Milk Recipe post.

We highly recommend that the plant proteins be prepared ahead of time as a "Base". This results in a smoothie or milk with a smoother texture, milder flavor, and easier digestibility. Some people have an easier time digesting this gently heated plant protein base verses the raw form of the plant protein.

You can always mix in your favorite plant protein powder blend (as is) if you are in a hurry - but your finished smoothie or beverage won't be so smooth and creamy, and the flavor of the protein will be stronger.

Use this PLANT PROTEIN BASE formula to make our protein and fiber enriched VEGAN MILK.

Mom's "Creamy Plant Protein Base" Formula:

Put 3 cups of very hot distilled or purified water in a high powered blender (VitaMix) with a snug fitting lid.

Add 6 to 8 T. of your favorite vanilla flavored plant protein powder blend *

Put the lid on securely and then cover the top with a folded dish towel (in case some hot liquid should escape - be on your toes). Keep your hand on the towel-covered lid while processing.

Start the blender on the lowest speed and slowly increase to the highest speed, blending for at least 30 seconds - until the contents are steaming hot (120 to 160 degrees).

Set aside and allow to cool.

This is your "Creamy Plant Protein Base". It will thicken as it cools. Add desired amount of this protein base to your vegan "milk" - to taste.

My mom likes to keep a quart of this "Plant Protein Base" in her refrigerator, so that it's ready to add to "milk" or smoothies.

All of my mom's "Mylk" versions are rich and creamy, so it's easy to add a little cold water if a less rich mylk is desired.

* Vegan Protein Fortification Options:

1. Pea protein powder base (Sun Warrior "Warrior Blend").

This "Plant Protein Base" works best when using pea protein. Pea protein seems to make a smoother, creamier "base".

2. Pea plus rice protein powder (Sun Warrior "Classic")

3. Vanilla non-GMO organic soy protein blend of choice

4. Non-GMO organic Plain Soy Milk Powder.

5. "Silken Tofu" puree.

6. Rice protein powder: Using rice protein as your base is definitely not our first choice! The results with our first experiments with it were this: It did not soften with the hot water and blending on high speed, no matter how long we blended it. The rice protein stayed gritty, chalky, and gacky, unlike the pea protein that softened up nicely. We tried again with another brand of rice protein from Top Health. It was fresher and is a protein of high quality and fine texture. The taste was quite nutty and mild, and after shearing a couple of rounds on high speed in the VitaMix , the texture was acceptably smooth - and should be OK once mixed with other truly creamy milks.

6. Your other favorite vanilla flavored vegan protein "base".

Our "Plant Protein Base" conclusions: Be sure your plant based proteins are of good quality and fresh!

OVO - Vegetarian protein fortified "mylk" options:

1. Egg white powder

2. Pasteurized pure liquid egg whites

Egg white if used in moderation, is invisible in your beverages.

Do not heat any "Mylk" containing egg!

Lacto-Vegetarian Options:

1. Whey protein isolate (contains lower lactose than whey protein concentrate or regular milk).

2. Whey protein concentrate.

3. Powdered milk (cow or goat, if liked).

4. Reduced fat ricotta cheese - pureed smooth.


Leila & Nancy.