Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kamote Tops (sweet potato vines) and tasty, healthy ways of preparing them (Rejuvenating & Detoxifying).

Sketch of Kamote Tops, by Nancy Glazier.

"Bonne Sante'" is French for "good health!"

"Bonne Appetit" (good appetite!) is well known thanks to Julia Child.

It has been my experience that good fresh green Juices can contribute to both!

Where have all the bitters gone? Long time passing.... 
We have become so ensnared with sweets that most of us have forgotten about the subtle allure of the bitter edge..... 

Did you know your  body (especially your liver) actually craves bitter foods?

Sweet Potato Vines. also known as Kamote.
Why not get back in balance by cultivating an appreciation for bitter greens – they're waiting in the wings, ready to be your best friend.

Sweet potato greens are also known as KAMOTE TOPS, and are famous for building up iron levels in the blood in a natural & gentle way.

Adding a handful of sweet potato leaves to your favorite green mix- when you make your green drinks - - gives you a deep emerald green juice.... yet the taste is mild compared to a lot of other greens.

See one of our favorite green drink mixes HERE.

We were so excited to learn of Kamote, which has been a more recent discovery for our family. We love using this green in our meals. Kamote or sweet potatoes are very easy to grow in your garden. They are heat tolerant even in the hottest summers. The beautiful vines grow very quickly, so you will have a generous harvest of this delicious, versatile, and affordable green. Kamote is commonly eaten in other parts of the world, yet is virtually unheard of in the USA. It seems like our produce selection in general has become more limited than in earlier times. So, here's a shout-out to heirloom vegetables and fruits!

You can use Kamote tops as you would spinach, kale, collard greens, or Swiss chard...
They taste terrific steamed, blanched, simmered in soups & stews, used like spinach in spinach dip, in salads, lasagna... Kamote is mild flavored and delicious. If you plant sweet potatoes in your garden, you can harvest the tender tops until first frost. We like to blanch them and freeze them in meal sized portions for use all winter. One of our favorite meals is homemade Pork Chili Verde ladled over tender pinto beans and steamed kamote tops. We then top it with jack cheese and let it melt before serving.

We are sure that you will enjoy cooking with Kamote Tops too!

Perfect KAMOTE topsReady at a moments notice for my green drink.
"Heart of Green" drink, with added Kamote Tops.
Perfect! This is a great way to consume your bitters.

Bonne Appetit,

Nancy & Leila.