Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Favorite Slimming & Detoxifying Green Drink (A Concentrate)

My Family's Favorite Green Drink

A Green Drink Concentrate

This drink is so fresh, green, and clean. You know you are doing good for your body when you drink this!

This has been a basic in our homes for decades. It is an instant pick-me-up. My daughter regularly makes this green drink for herself, how cool is that? She loves it for the energy it gives her and she also loves how it clears her skin. We never get sick of it, in fact our bodies crave it.

The green drink formula provided below, makes a green drink concentrate. It takes up less space in the refrigerator that way. This is very easy to make. The Vitamin C is added to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life. It is meant to be diluted with water before drinking.

Parsley really tastes good in this drink and it is an amazing blood purifier, plus it freshens your breath and whole digestive system. The chlorophyll all the greens contain is very healing and purifying to the body. The slimming fiber being included in this green drink help you feel full longer and benefit your digestive processes as well. Then there are all the bio-available living vitamins and minerals...

This is the fastest way to down a large salad that I know of! Plus it's sugar and fat free.

Drinking this green drink on a regular basis (the more often the better) was a big factor in my losing 20 pounds with ease. It is convenient to have in your refrigerator, ready when you are. I pour some in a protein drink shaker jar, dilute with water to taste, and go. I like to trade off between this green drink and a protein drink a couple times a day. I will also snack on healthy foods if  I get hungry during the day. I then eat dinner with the family. I will go into more detail about my slimming protocol later...

If you are new to green drinks, or you usually drink fruit smoothies or fruit juices with, say, 5 spinach leaves added - start more slowly to give your taste buds and body time to get used to it. I suggest taking an 8-ounce glass and filling it up 1/4th of the way full with green drink. Then top off with cold purified water. You can dilute it even more if you want to. You will find that as time passes, your body will crave it more and more, and you will need to dilute it less and less.


1 Large bunch organic parsley
8 Stalks organic celery (with tops)
1/2 Pound organic baby spinach leaves
1/4 t. Ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C powder)
Purified water to make a total of 1 gallon


High powered blender (Vitamix or BlendTec)
1-gallon juice storage container with an air-tight lid


Wash the organic produce and drain.
Rough chop the parsley and celery.
Pour about 2 to 3 cups purified water in your large blender container.
Place the parsley, celery, and some of the spinach in the blender with the water.
Secure lid tightly and puree on high until completely liquefied.
Pour into your 1-gallon container.
Pour in 2 to 3 cups more water into your blender container.
Add the rest of the spinach and completely liquefy.
Pour into the 1-gallon container.
Add a little more purified water to the blender, secure lid and turn on high speed to rinse.
Pour the rinse water into the 1-gallon container.
Add the vitamin C powder.
Top off the 1-gallon container with water, secure lid and shake to blend. Store in the refrigerator.
This will last a few days in the refrigerator, but do drink up quickly for freshness.

To drink: Shake before use. Dilute this with additional purified water to taste before consuming.

Note: You can use 1/4th kale and 3/4th spinach if you choose to. Too much kale has a strong taste, so don't over do the kale. You can always add more parley if you happen to add too much kale.

See pictures of the green drink making process below:

Preparing the greens

Rough chop the greens

Process the first batch of greens with purified water

Completely liquefy the greens

Pour the first batch into a gallon container

Starting the second batch of greens with more purified water - puree well

The second batch of greens is finished

Pour into the gallon container

Add purified water to the blender and turn on high or pulse, to rinse the container

Pour the resulting rinse water into the gallon container

Adding the Vitamin C powder

Topping off with more purified water

Shake and it's ready to drink.

Here's to your health!

Enjoy, Leila