Sunday, July 5, 2015

About Vegetable Glycerine in Sugar-Free Cooking

Here is some useful information about food grade vegetable glycerine.

We use food grade vegetable glycerine a lot here at Kitchen Cheetahs. It works wonderfully as part of sugar-free sweetening systems. We use it as the base of our home made Stevia Glycerite (a NOW brand copy-cat recipe). We use it in sugar-free syrups. in icings, salad dressings, in baked goods, among other things. We have used this basic ingredient for years and love it!

See it used here in our Super Low Carb Fiji Sweet Hot Sauce.

We highly recommend having it in your pantry, because it is in several Kitchen Cheetah recipes.

Review some of it's good features below...


* is made from coconut or palm oil (heating under pressure with water)
* is GRAS
* is approved by Health Canada
* does not affect blood sugar – perfect for diabetics
* does not cause tooth decay
* helps prevent dehydration
* enhances athletic performance
* helps prevent constipation
* used as a humectant for skin conditions, specially dry skin.
* medically used to prevent brain swelling (intravenous)
* medicaliy used to reduce pressure within the eye (intravenous)
* is an excellent food preservative
* is an excellent emulsifier
* is used in eye-drops for dry eyes (pharmaceutical grade)

VEGETABLE GLYCERINE  is classified as a "sugar alcohol"....  as is ERYTHRITOL and XYLITOL.

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