About Us - A synergistic mother-daughter team

About Us...

We are a family team of professional food, confectionery, and beverage formulators. We have been researching and testing recipes and creating our own unique formulas since 1999 (sooner really, we just weren't being paid for it yet). We are a health conscious family that loves excellent food and our goal is to assist the home cook in achieving a quantum leap in cooking amazing AND healthy foods.

Leila Wood

I am passionate about food and figuring out how to make it better - better tasting and better for you. I like to start with what is best and improve upon that, because I believe in being efficient.

My husband and I owned a food manufacturing business for almost 10 years. We made and sold gourmet flavored syrups, salsa, beverages, cream cheese spreads, gourmet flavored popcorn, toffee, hard candies, caramels, and a wide array of chocolate confections. I also worked on sugar-free confections and functional foods, although we did not bring them to market at that time. The food manufacturing business taught us a lot. My favorite part of that business was coming up with new delicious formulas. We also loved seeing the delighted look on peoples faces as they sampled our wares. 

We prefer promoting a healthier way of living however. Because of that, I have enjoyed teaching healthy cooking classes as well as green smoothie classes. I have continued to do food, beverage and confection formulating since owning our own food manufacturing business, as I love the challenge and creative process.

I also formulate natural skin care, hair care, cosmetics, nail care, therapeutic essential oil blends, Natural aromatherapy perfumes, herbal blends, nutraceuticals, herbal tea blends, and soil care products (that's another story). I have been a cosmetologist for about 30 years, and have owned full-service beauty salons for several years.

So I like to make stuff.

One of my goals is to publish cookbooks, so anyone may benefit. It is a great way to duplicate one's efforts.

Now, on to my amazing mother...

Nancy Glazier 

As seen through the eyes of Leila Wood, her daughter.

Leap of Faith by Nancy Glazier

Nancy Glazier is a mother, accomplished professional artist, and chef extraordinaire. Some of her art is sprinkled throughout this page. She is a master of the canvas as well as in the kitchen. I have witnessed people swooning over her food since I was a little girl. Many have raved that she should open a restaurant A thought she considered for about 3 seconds. The restaurant business is tough and I wouldn't want to do it either.

Mama's Girls by Nancy Glazier
Nancy Glazier has a professional career as a food formulator for commercial food manufacturers. She specializes in Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, High-Fiber, healthy formulas. If they are not healthy, she turns down the job. Companies hire her to create food, beverage, and confectionery formulas, that they can then manufacture and sell to the consumer. Several of these projects have been given to her after other food chemists and formulators have failed. She enjoys the challenge and has risen to the occasion beautifully. 

Audacious by Nancy Glazier
My mother's senses seem to be dialed up way higher than most. She knows how to balance textures and flavors perfectly(salty, sweet, savory, bitter...), just as she knows how to mix colors for her canvas perfectly. I think She can do that in her sleep. I used to sit with her in her studio and we would sometimes talk for hours, while she painted away. Sometimes I would work on my own art too. Those were good times.

I have also spent a lot of time with her in the kitchen. We love formulating together! Two heads are better than one - Right? She has been an excellent mentor. Besides teaching me what great food tastes like, she has taught me about wholesome ingredients and how to use them. She has built in me a solid foundation of health, creativity, curiosity and drive that has propelled me forward to where I am today. Thanks mom :)

Shed Door Fox by Nancy Glazier
Nancy has taught a series of healthy cooking classes. She is continually learning and creating new recipes and has gone through several cooking phases through the years, including produce and herbs from our own organic garden, honey from our own beehives, eggs from our own chickens, and milk products from our own Nubian goats. She has made her own cheeses, yogurts, kefir, smoked fish, kimchi and other fermented foods, sourdough, preserved bottled food and jams, Efficient Microbe brews, Organic soil ammendments, goat and chicken feed (we didn't eat that), tofu, Herbal teas, sweeteners, nutraceuticals, fiber & gum blends, protein blends, gluten-free flour blends, natural flavorings... and most importantly, CHOCOLATE.

Really. Good. Chocolate.

Some of Nancy's areas of expertise include:

Juicing and detoxifying
Ethnic cooking (Asian, Italian, French, Indian, Mexican...)
Wild game
Raw Food and cooking with a food dehydrator
Fermented foods

Nancy has a strong desire to share what she has learned over the years - so others can benefit as she has. Her goal is to educate, provide solutions, and resources to those who strive to live healthier lives, have food sensitivities and food allergies, or other health concerns. We are what we eat.

As her daughter, I share the same mission. I know what a treasure she is and have been so blessed to have been her daughter.

Our hope is that this blog assists you in gaining the knowledge you seek, so that you can make better food choices - DELICIOUS FOOD CHOICES.

Enjoy the journey,


Peace & Harmony by Nancy Glazier