Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sun Warrior "Warrior Blend" Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe + A Vanilla Protein Base Recipe Too!

Mug Shot of our Vanilla Warrior Blend Smoothie.
Here is another recipe for creating an even creamier, tastier Sun Warrior protein shake!

The flavor we are featuring in this post is VANILLA and we also show you how to make a super fast and easy Vanilla Protein BASE that can be used in smoothies, ice creams, puddings, etc...

We love using the Sun Warrior "Warrior Blend" vegan protein powders and we have created a way to make this great protein powder even better. You can create creamy, smooth , and delicious vegan protein drinks, shakes, smoothies, and more with Sun Warrior's "Warrior Blend" protein powders and our techniques we show here at Kitchen Cheetahs.

Vegan protein powders by nature, are not the smoothest substances on the planet. They can have a bit of grit to them, not fully dissolving in beverages. Sometimes vegetable proteins also have off-flavors from the vegetable sources they are used from. We show you how to counteract this.

Are you sensitive to the taste of stevia sweetened drinks? Stevia is now commonly used as a healthy sugar substitute and also sometimes causes off-taste issues for some people. We personally love stevia and use it daily in our homes. we have learned some tricks in using it that we will pass along to you here.

So my dad was wondering what my mom was whipping up in the kitchen this time (there are always adventures to be had in my mother's kitchen). A vanilla protein drink, she said. Hmmm, he said. Do you want to taste it, she asked? He acted only minorly interested (after all, it's only vanilla, right?). He took a sip, and he thought it was nice. Well, my mom walked away for a few moments, and when she came back to her vanilla protein shake dinner, it was all gone. He drank it all. Oops. The good news is, he loved it. He told her it tasted really rich and creamy and he felt full and satisfied after drinking it. This drink will keep you nourished for quite a while. My dad drinks a lot of protein drinks and he's really picky about them. He really likes this vanilla shake. We think you will love it too.

First I will give you the formula for the easy to make VANILLA Protein BASE. Make the BASE ahead of time so that it is cold before using.

Next, I will give you a smoothie formula using this BASE.

Just so we are real clear:

Recipe # 1 is the Sun Warrior "Warrior Blend" Vanilla Protein BASE.

Recipe # 2 is the Sun Warrior Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake.

Are you ready?

Sun Warrior "Warrior Blend" Vanilla Protein BASE:

Put in a VitaMix or other high powered blender:

3 c. cold milk of your choice (almond, coconut, cashew...)

Start blender on med-low and add:

1 c. Sun Warrior Vanilla flavored "Warrior Blend" protein powder

add the protein powder 1/4 cup at a time.


1/4 t. lecithin

Put the blender lid on tight and switch to the highest speed and blend until the mixture heats up to the desired temperature (from 118 to 155 degrees F). *

For the smoothest texture, use the tamper that comes with the VitaMix blender and heat to 150 to 155 degrees F.


1 t. almond extract and blend in very well.

Pour and scrape the finished BASE into a 1-quart mason jar and refrigerate overnight before using in the Creamy VANILLA Protein Shake recipe below.

This BASE needs to be kept cold and used within 4 to 5 days.


* 118 degrees F is for "raw"smoothies - heat up to 155 degrees F for the smoothest texture.

The BASE will be cooked at a low temperature and will be steaming at 150-160 degrees F. Some people find this "cooked" pea protein easier to digest.

Use an instant read thermometer for more accurate results.

Our favorite milk combination is 2 c. almond milk and 1 c. full fat coconut milk. Any combination of vegan milks will work to equal 3 cups of total milk used.

Lecithin is a healthy addition and makes it creamier and smoother. Lecithin is especially good for emulsifying the coconut milk.

1 cup of this prepared BASE contains 1/4 cup of the Warrior Blend protein powder.

NOTE: See our Raspberry Cream Smoothie recipe using this Vanilla BASE HERE.


The following protein shake recipe is like a blank canvas, ready for you to add any combination of fruits or other ingredients that you want. Have fun with this basic recipe!

Sun Warrior Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe:

Put in a VitaMix or other high powered blender:

1 c. cold almond milk (or other vegan milk of choice)
1 c. prepared Vanilla Warrior Blend BASE, well chilled
1/4 c. coconut milk powder or 1 to 2 T. of your favorite nut butter, optional for a richer shake
1/4 to 1/2 c. mashed baked white sweet potato, or banana (makes it creamy)
3/4 to 1 t. real vanilla extract
1/4 to 1/2 t. almond extract
1 pinch cinnamon, optional
10 ice cubes (use only 8 ice cubes if not using coconut powder)

Blend everything together on high speed until nice and creamy.

Taste for sweetness level and add:

 2 T. vegetable glycerine, optional to sweeten to taste

Blend in well and serve while cold and icy.


The vegetable glycerine is super low on the glycemic scale. Glycerine also enhances athletic performance by preventing dehydration. Cool huh?

The baked mashed yam, sweet potato, or banana both thickens and sweetens the drink and also cancels out the taste of the stevia, which is part of the Sun Warrior protein powder formula.

You may use other sweeteners to sweeten to taste like: Stevia glycerite, raw honey, agave nectar, etc...

Have fun with this rich and creamy basic vanilla shake recipe. You will see us use this a lot in upcoming smoothie recipes.

Here's some photos of my mom making the Rich & Creamy Vanilla Shake:

Adding ingredients for the Vanilla Shake (including the Protein BASE above).

All of the ingredients are now in the VitaMix blender.

The ready to drink Vanilla Shake topped with a sprinkling of fresh chopped figs!


Leila & Nancy.