Friday, July 17, 2015

Kitchen Cheetah Strikes Again!

My mother is a Kitchen Cheetah, I tell you! 
I can't keep up with her. 

She is coming out with so many recipes so fast, it's like rapid machine gun fire. A machine gun that shoots marshmallows, that is. This is why this blog is called Kitchen Cheetahs. She cooks faster than I can type. That may not be saying much, if you have seen me type. I'm an Artist - Not a Typist!

My grandpa was one of the fastest typists in the land and I did not inherit his gift. He has since passed on to the next life. I think he should come back and be my ghost writer!

Mom emails me recipes she is working on. We get all chatty about them. We perfect the recipes. I put them on the blog. That's how it goes. However, my email is filling up faster than I can blog. Plus, I cook too (and do other stuff)!

I guess what I'm saying is, we have A LOT to share with you. My mom and I are excited about that.

Some of the recipes piling up on my email are:

How to make browned butter GHEE
Key lime pie
Banana cream pie
Chocolate cream pie
Artichoke preparation and garlic dipping sauce
Sugar-free coconut bars
To die for sugar-free, grain-free PALEO granola
Cinnamon frosted granola
Gluten free jiffy bread,
Healthy sugar-free caramel sauce
Creamy dreamy healthy vanilla ice cream
Healthy chocolate ice cream
A bunch of delicious recipes using Kamote tops (sweet potato leaves)
How to caramelize yams
Sugar-free honey
Chocolate sauce (sugar-free)
Fudge sauces (her recipe and then my recipe)
Gluten free naan bread
Various snack recipes
Various smoothies
Delicious green drinks
Fat bomb brownie bites
Cre'me Anglaise
Homemade healthy nutella
Vegan lemon jello - Super cool!
Fat bomb fudge
Chocolate hazelnut sauce
Pecan Brazil nut pie crust
Homemade Lox (salmon)
Caraamel nut chews
Honey caramel with peanuts
Gluten free, sugar-free waffles
Corn bread (grain free, sugar free)
Bran muffins (gluten free, sugar free)
Mini carrot cakes (gluten free, sugar free)
Mini chocolate cakes (gluten free, sugar free)

But wait, there's more...

Then there are the recipes that I am working on... Because I'm a Kitchen Cheetah too.

We move this fast!


Leila & Nancy

The Kitchen Cheetahs!