Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A New & Improved Way To Prepare Amazing Zucchini Pasta - Or Yellow Summer Squash - Low Carb & Gluten Free!

Summer Squash Pasta with rich Itallian meat sauce and home made pesto!

Here we show you a superior way to prepare delicious zucchini or yellow summer squash pasta. 

It looks and tastes more authentic for delicious low-carb Italian pasta dishes. We LOVE using our new technique, and we think you will love it too. This new method has never been offered before. This is a Kitchen Cheetahs original!

Our method is super easy and speedy fast, and you can use either zucchini or yellow summer squash to make your tasty low-carb noodles.

The process of making amazing Zucchini Pasta:

First peel the zucchini or summer squash. It is important to peel all the green off before making into noodles. If your zucchini are organic, you may save the peelings to add to green smoothies, they taste great.

Use an ordinary vegetable peeler to get consistent shaped noodles. Use the peeler with firm even pressure to make substantial "al dente" style noodles. This is a very important part of the process.

When you start to see the seeds inside the squash, STOP.

You can save and use the seedy centers in green smoothies, soups etc... 

Choose Zucchini at least this size (shown above). larger zucchini have firmer flesh that's more suitable for our faux noodles. This is a great time to use up those overgrown zucchini from your garden that you are always trying to find a good home for! We have successfully used zucchini over a foot long 😮 as well as the shop-worn zucchini - you know the ones... They have been in the fridge for a while and have gotten a little dented and flabby (like the one pictured above). Just peel down to the unmarked flesh below, and you're good to go!

Also shown are our 2 favorite vegetable peelers that work great for making wide noodles. You may also use a spiralizer but they seem to require more time to set up and clean up. We like the toothsomeness of these noodles, and they carry a lot of awesome sauce! 

After you have peeled your noodles, toss the noodles with plenty of your favorite olive oil, then toss with a bit of garlic powder (NOT garlic salt).

 Let the noodles marinate at least 10 minutes - up to a couple of hours. The garlicky oil infuses flavor into the noodles and transforms them! If you do not like garlic, you can use finely powdered dry onion (NOT onion salt). 

NOTE: The garlic powder or onion powder should be as fine as flour to infuse the noodles evenly with flavor. This also helps to prevent your pasta from burning or looking speckled as you stir-fry it.  

Preheat a large nonstick skillet - it should be very hot! Then dump in your oil-marinated pasta and immediately begin tossing it just as you would for any quick stir-fry. You could also use a wok or a very well-seasoned griddle to do this. 

Keep stirring and tossing and you will soon notice the noodles soften and develop a few fragrant caramelized parts. However, the idea is not to brown these noodles as you would sauteed onions...just cook them quickly and evenly. 

Stop cooking the second you notice moisture beginning to show up in the pan! Tip the pasta at once onto your serving plate.

Do not toss with sauce until you are ready to sit down and eat. WHY??? Because salt, and any sauce containing salt, will draw out moisture from the zucchini noodles and you'll end up with a watery dish... So just ladle your sauce either on top of the pasta or on the side at serving time. 

EVERYONE loves zucchini pasta prepared this way and we have never seen it shown to people in this manner. This is a much, much superior version of zucchini pasta. ☺ ❤

Here's the process using yellow summer squash:


Leila & Nancy.