Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Best Sugar-Free Powdered Sugar (2 Versions) Homemade Copy-Cat Recipe

You can now make your own sugar-free Powdered Sugar. 

Granulated sweeteners do not work for making frostings and sweetened whipped cream. Sugar-free granular sweeteners are especially gritty and are harder to dissolve than regular cane sugar. Have you noticed?

We have provided 2 formulas for you: 

The first one uses resistant starch to facilitate grinding and to add fiber and reduce carbohydrates. We like to use this first version in chocolate frosting.

The second formula has the addition of coconut flour, which gives more body to the powdered sugar. We like to use this second formula for all flavors of frosting other than chocolate.

You can use this either of these powdered sugar blends in sweetened whipped cream, icings, cheesecake fillings and other sweet sauces too, or just dip fresh ripe strawberries in it!

Mom's Powdered Sugar Substitute Formula:

150 grams  xylitol
150 grams  erythritol
30 grams  Hi-Maize Resistant Starch
3 grams  White stevia powder, 80% to 90% strength (stevioside intense sweetener)


Mix the xylitol and  erythritol together and seal in an air-tight bag.

Place the bag in the freezer to chill before grinding.

Pour cold sweetener mix into a VitaMix blender.

Add the stevioside powder and the Hi-Maize starch to the blender. Secure lid tightly.

Start blending on low speed, turning up to grind to a fine texture.

Do not let the sugars heat up in the blender.

Let the dust settle before removing the lid.

For a very fine powdered sugar, repeat the freezing and grinding process 4 to 5 times, or until it is as fine as you'd like. (We like it very finely ground!)

Taste for sweetness, maybe adding a little more stevia if desired.

Store air-tight in your pantry.


This blend tastes even better if you use Lakanto's white sugar substitute instead of plain erythritol. Use less stevia extract when using the Lakanto sweetener.

If you do not have Hi-Maize yet, you may use potato starch, tapioca starch, or non-GMO corn starch. It won't be a low-carb starch like Hi-Maize is, but you will still get the job done.

We like using Hi-Maize because then you are not eating so much sugar alcohols in one sitting, and it contributes fiber as well. Hi-Maize is very neutral tasting and smooth textured.

We do not add IMO powder to this powdered sugar blend. IMO is very hydroscopic and prone to clumping. Frosting made with IMO tends to soften and sort of melt down over time.

Freezing your sugars allows you to grind them longer before they heat up and start melting.


If the powdered sugar doesn't taste sweet enough to you, you may add up to a total of 5.0 grams of the 80%-90% pure stevioside powder to either of these powdered sugar formulas. 


Measure all of the ingredients above as called for and then add:

10 grams of organic coconut flour

Process the powdered sugar in the same way, as above.

Use this coconut enriched powdered sugar when making a frosting without cocoa powder, because it gives more substance and body to the frosting that the cocoa powder would otherwise add.  This makes a delicious sugar-free cream cheese frosting or vanilla frosting.The added coconut flour adds more body to the frosting, so the frosting holds up better at room temperature.


Leila & Nancy