Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Healthified Raspberry Fool (and a healthy Ice Cream recipe)

This is an easy and decadent treat you can feel good about eating.

This version of Raspberry Fool is a delicious super creamy, lower fat, higher protein, and sugar free version of the traditional Raspberry Fool, which is usually made with sweetened vanilla whipped cream and lightly crushed raspberries.

Enjoy this as a great low-carb snack, breakfast, or dessert. It's great for people wanting to slim down but still want a decadent treat. The fat content here is very satisfying while the protein balances it out perfectly.

Healthified Raspberry Fool Recipe:


1 part Organic sour cream
2 parts Greek yogurt
Powdered Lakanto sweetener, to sweeten to taste (or powdered erythritol)
Real vanilla extract, to taste


Chia Blackberry Jam (or crushed strawberries, blackberries, or other soft fruit or berry)


Mix the Chia Blackberry Jam into the yogurt base, to taste and eat.

Tip: Also try with our Chia Blueberry Sauce recipe!

For Instant Berry Ice Cream:

This was one of my mother's early childhood discoveries, which has wonderful memories for her. she still loves it to this day. Sugar was originally used, but now she uses powdered erythritol or xylitol, and you can further enhance the sweetness with a couple drops of stevia glycerite, if desired.

Crush the berries with sweetener &/or jam of choice then freeze in a shallow layer (so it's easy to break up) until semi-hard.

At serving time, mix the nearly frozen fruit with sweetened vanilla whipped cream.


Leila & Nancy.