Friday, May 8, 2015

A Pancake Bedtime Story.

Would you like me to tell you a story about pancakes?

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved pancakes (especially real buttermilk pancakes with fresh blueberries in them...ooh, or banana pancakes). Her mother made them for her often and life was good.

As she grew older, the pancakes still lured her, yet they often over stayed their welcome... as in, they liked to hang around her middle (so annoying). Since the girl's original intention was to grow up, not grow out, she decided to show the pancakes who's boss.

She looked across the land for a better pancake, a low-carb pancake, a healthy pancake!

She looked far and wide. She looked high and low (remember, we are looking for a BETTER pancake), but alas, none was to be found. They were either too flat, or rubbery, dry or mushy, weird tasting or starchy. As she went along, she made up this rhyme...

"Red pancake, blue pancake, this one's hard to chew pancake.
Flat pancake, glue pancake, what's a girl to do pancake?"

I know, terrible right?

So she returned home from her long journey tired and hungry, with taste buds assaulted. She opened her pantry looking for something to eat.

She saw almond flour and lecithin, coconut flour and psyllium. oat bran and gelatin...

This got her thinking...

Soon she began measuring and mixing, stirring and flipping.

Her family came in to see what was the clatter, to find her and the kitchen covered in batter!

So excited was she that the mess didn't matter.

Because by eating these pancakes her stomach would be flatter!

The End.

There is a morsel to this story...

The gluten-free, low carb pancake recipes "out there" are generally yucky.

But don't worry, my mom and I are up to our elbows in pancake recipe creation mode.

We will post low-carb pancake recipes that are Sugar-Free not pastey, Gluten-Free and tasty!

So please stay tuned and don't be hasty, or your pancakes too could turn out...gross.

Have a great night,


P.S. Check out this post with a recipe for brand new low-carb pancakes!