Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Copy-Cat TRUVIA Sugar Replacement Recipe

Copy-Cat Truvia Recipe (Sugar-Free Sweetener Substitute)

At way less than half of the cost of Truvia, it is well worth making your own! This is sweeter cup-for-cup than regular sugar, as this recipe is meant to mimic Truvia's sweetening profile.

Erythritol does not dissolve as easily as regular sugar, so you may need to help it along by heating it with the liquid you are putting it in and then stirring until completely dissolved. This blend is great for sweetening hot herbal teas for example.

Erythritol is extremely low in carbs and has a glycemic rating of almost zero, so it is great for low-carb diets. Nice.

Copy-Cat Truvia Recipe:

Yield: 1/2 cup (recipe easily multiplies)

1/2 c. granular erythritol *
1/4 t. pure white stevia extract powder **


Mix by shaking together very well in a sealed glass jar and store air-tight.


You can powder the erythritol with the stevia in a seed mill to get a finer textured sweetener. Just do not over-mix or the erythritol will start  to heat up, sticking to the seed mill's blades. A way to combat this sticking issue and still get a "powdered sugar", is to add about 10% tapioca starch before you grind it.

* You may also use Lakanto's White granular sweetener, which is erythritol enhanced with monk fruit.

** Like Carbohydrate-free NuStevia NoCarbs Blend (substitutes erythritol for the usual corn-based maltodextrin)

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