Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Warm yourself up with this yummy Mulling spice mix

Hot Mulled Spice Mix 

This is a unique blend of spices with an Asian flare that is great to warm you up on these cold nights. These spices also aids in digestion. It is an attractive mix that is great to package up and give as gifts.


2 c. whole allspice berries
2 c. whole coriander seeds
2 c. 3-inch cinnamon stick pieces
1 c. whole cloves
1 c. dried organic orange peel
1 c. whole star anise, optional
1 c. dried lemongrass, optional
1 c. dried mint, optional
1/2 c. whole anise seeds (or whole fennel seeds)

Mix and seal air-tight.

To use:

In a crock pot or a large pot on the stove, place 2 heaping tablespoons of the spice mix into 1/2 gallon apple cider or other juice of choice and gently heat, letting the spices infuse into the liquid for at least 45 minutes. Letting it gently simmer on the stove for a few hours makes your house smell wonderful and lets more of the spice's flavor out.


I like to make a very concentrated infusion of the spice mix and purified water, letting it simmer, covered for at least 60 minutes. Strain before adding to a beverage.

I Then make an herbal tea of rooibose, honeybush, or raspberry leaves... I mix in a little of the concentrated spice infusion to taste, and sweeten with a few drops of stevia glycerite (recipe on this blog). This way, I avoid the sugar from the fruit juice.

Store the extra spice concentrate in the fridge (leaving the whole spices in it until serving). then it's ready for us when we want it.