Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The BEST Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe - Which so happens to be SUGAR-FREE!

Light & Fluffy Classic Cream Cheese Frosting
 (Sugar-Free, Low Carb, Gluten-Free)

This truly delicious cream cheese frosting will add a bit of decadence to any sugar-free cake, cookie, or muffin recipe you feel like smothering it with. You will smile as you reach your finger into the bowl for a taste. I bet you can't dip it in just once! I won't tell...

Just make sure that you sugar blend is very finely ground. Erythritol has harder crystals than regular sugar, so you have to tell it who's boss! The more finely it is ground, the smoother your frosting will be. If you know you are going to make the extended frosting version, re-grind the erythritol or erythritol/xylitol blend with the Frosting Thickener (recipes below).

You will love adding this classic frosting recipe to your sugar-free, low-carb collection!


8 ounces organic Neufchatel cheese (or cream cheese or vegan cream cheese)
2 T. organic palm shortening (Spectrum Naturals brand)
2 T. organic butter or soft coconut oil
1 - 1 1/2 c. finely ground 4 times, erythritol, or Lakanto sweetener (or 50% erythritol + 50% xylitol)
1/8 t. gum blend (preferably 50% Konjac gum + 50% xanthan gum), optional (makes smoother)


Whip the softened cream cheese of choice.
Add the oils and whip together.
Whisk the gum blend and powdered sugar substitute together.
Sift the powdered sweetener blend into the cheese mixture and whip until fluffy.
If you want a bit sweeter, add a touch of homemade stevia glycerite (recipe on blog).
Chill frosting.
Use to frost sugar-free cakes, muffins, etc...


To the above frosting add:

6 T. "Frosting Thickener" (recipe below)
4 - 6 T. vegetable glycerin
1/16 t. gum blend
1 T. Cal/Mag powder, optional (gives a whiter color and makes frosting less tart)


Whip the Frosting Thickener, glycerine, gum blend, and Cal/Mag into the finished frosting above, until fluffy.
Let frosting then sit for 30 minutes.
Re-whip on high with an electric hand mixer, the frosting until very smooth and fluffy.

Flavor options:

Add real vanilla extract, or almond extract... Orange zest, or lemon zest, etc...


75% (by weight) Arrowroot starch or Tapioca starch
25% (by weight) Coconut flour


Mix the starch and coconut flour together.
Grind as finely as possible (for as long as you have the time and patience for) in a Krups seed mill.
Store unused Frosting Thickener in an air-tight container.


The Cal/Mag powder is a mixture of food grade calcium and magnesium powders, found in the supplement section of your local health food stores.

Cream Cheese frosting made in the Cheetah Test Kitchen.


Leila & Nancy

Author, Leila Wood.