Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sugar-Free KFC Copy-Cat Coleslaw recipe and a homemade coconut buttermilk for a dairy-free option

KFC Copy-Cat Coleslaw (reduced fat and sugar-free) and a recipe for Coconut Buttermilk

This is a great copy of KFC's Coleslaw. It's even nicer that this recipe is sugar-free. I like the coleslaw best the first day, but it is still excellent left over.

I prefer using dairy ingredients here because they are more authentic and neutral tasting. You can use coconut milk instead if you don't do dairy, which also will make this salad low-carb. An alternate mayonnaise can be used as well.

I am not concerned about the fat from the coconut milk because it is a healthy fat that our body thrives on. Plus fat adds to the feeling of satiety, so we don't need to eat as much food to feel satisfied. Fat also has the added benefit of slowing the absorption of sugars and starches in our diet, which is good for our blood sugar levels.



1/3 c. erythritol or xylitol (or mixture of the two)
1/2 t. sea salt or BioSalt (recipe on this blog), to taste
1/8 t. freshly ground pepper
1/4 c. organic 1% milk
1/2 c. Best Foods low-fat mayonnaise
1/4 c. low fat buttermilk
1 1/2 T. white wine vinegar or raw vinegar
2 1/2 T. fresh lemon juice


8 c. very finely shredded, then chopped cabbage
1 c. peeled and grated organic carrots


Mix the dressing ingredients together with an electric hand mixer, or stir by hand.
Add cabbage and carrots and toss well to coat.
Cover and chill at least 3 hours before serving.

Variation: You can convert this to a dairy-free recipe easily.
Use coconut milk for milk, and make a coconut buttermilk to replace the dairy buttermilk.


1/4 c. coconut milk, canned or homemade
1 t. white wine vinegar or raw vinegar (or fresh lemon juice)

Mix and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes before using.

Note: The added acid sours the coconut milk so that it behaves like dairy buttermilk in foods, like baked goods.



First make the dressing to taste.

Add the freshly shredded vegetables.

Mix well.

Place in a serving dish.

Serve and enjoy.

Author, Leila.