Sunday, February 1, 2015

Protein and Calcium Enriched Brown Rice Milk - YUMMY

Protein-Enriched Brown Rice Milk

Dairy-Free, Reduced Carb, Sugar-Free
Protein and Calcium Enriched

I wanted to create a rice milk that not only tasted great and was easy to make but had more protein and calcium than other rice milks. I also have a major complaint with commercial rice milk - The high carb count from the white rice, and if it's sweetened, the sugar content. I also don't like the price charged for a product that is mostly water.

So I decided to make my own version with the added benefits of more protein, calcium and magnesium, more nutrients from using brown rice instead of white, and sweetened with sugar-free natural sweeteners. This is what I came up with...

Rice milk is an option for those who are going dairy-free, and are allergic to nut milks. You could use a vegan protein powder instead of egg white protein powder BUT they are gritty and have off-flavors. Just warning you...

Typical rice milk is also much higher in carbs than coconut or almond milk. My version is much better, but it is not carb-free. If you are wanting to slim down, I personally would recommend unsweetened coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk (I have a sugar-free almond milk recipe on this blog that is very good and low-carb).


Yield: 1/2 gallon

To Cook the Rice:

1 c. long grain brown rice
3 c. purified water

Cook until rice is very soft, so that when you taste it, it will mush and not have a grainy feel in your mouth. (Or use leftover cooked rice from your rice cooker, as long as it is SOFT. If it's been salted and has coconut oil added, that's o.k.)

To Make the Rice Milk:

2 c. (10-ounces) hot rice
4 c. hot water

Blend in a blender 2 or more minutes. the mixture will be a little thick but smooth.


4 c. cold purified water
1/4 t. BioSalt (recipe on this blog)
1 t. real vanilla extract
2 T. xylitol
20 drops stevia glycerite (NOW brand, or home made - recipe on this blog)
2 T. Cal/Mag powder (a calcium/magnesium powder, sold at health food stores)
4 T. egg white protein powder

Add everything to the blender, except the egg white pro, and blend together well. Add the egg white pro last or it will make the milk quite foamy.

Store in the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days. Shake well
before use.


You can add a couple drops of natural maple flavoring, coconut flavoring, or rum flavoring.

Try adding 1 t. cinnamon powder, to the rice when cooking it.

For chocolate rice milk add 3 T. chocolate syrup.

You can make a coconut fortified rice milk by adding coconut milk to the warm pureed hot rice/hot water mixture in the blender.

You may strain the rice milk through a fine-mesh cloth bag, if you really feel it is necessary (I don't).


For a sweeter, thicker rice milk:

Decrease the cold water to 1 1/2 c.
Increase the xylitol to a total of 2 T. + 2 t.
Increase the stevia glycerite to a total of 24 drops

For a more neutral tasting rice milk:

Decrease the xylitol to only 2 t.

To make into a pudding;

Puree 1 c. hot water with 1 c. hot cooked rice. Add xylitol and stevia glycerite to taste, plus vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg...

Enjoy experimenting with this recipe,