Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Make your own healthy protein powder drink mix - it's easy!

Vanilla Protein Powder Formula #1 (Multi-Protein Blend)

Almost every time I turn a package of protein powder around to read the ingredient list, I am VERY disappointed. I see lots of artificial sweeteners (aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K), or they use fructose, high-fructose corn syrup solids, and real sugar, which is an improvement compared to the artificial sweeteners most use. If the commercially prepared protein powder is flavored, it is usually with artificial flavoring, and sometimes artificial coloring too.

Plain protein powder has it's disadvantages too. It usually tastes yucky on it's own, it's gritty and makes a thin, unappealing beverage. You can doctor plain protein powder up with flavorings, sweeteners, fibers & gums, fruits, and on and on - where's the time savings in that?

I wanted a fast protein drink mix that I can take on the road. One that isn't gacky. I want to be able to just dump some in a shaker jar with cold water and go.

I created this formula back in 2010, with ingredients that are easy to find (if you go to a health food store). This is my first attempt,at making a vanilla protein drink mix and it is pretty good. There will be more protein drink mix formulas added in the future (think chocolate)...

Soy and rice protein have more grit to them than whey protein does, just so you know. Egg white protein powder is very smooth and disappears in liquids nicely, not leaving a weird taste behind, so I like using it. I would try a high quality whey protein isolate if you don't have issues with dairy. there are even some that are now lactose-free. I do like to use different types of proteins to widen the range of absorption time (quick-acting and slow-release) so that it stays with me longer. That's one reason for the added fibers too, plus the fibers thicken the drink slightly.

Warning: Hemp protein and most pea protein is really gacky. Hemp is especially healthy - and gacky.

An added note about protein: I feel it is a good idea to change the type of proteins you use frequently. This lowers your chances of you body deciding it's had enough of 1 type of protein, and start reacting negatively to it.

A lovely idea would be to add a couple drops of pure vanilla essential oil to the premix as you are blending it well in the blender to disperse it. It is an expensive oil though. You might also try the Sucre VanillĂ© Recipe that I have on this blog, in place of the plain xylitol and erythritol.

The point is, enjoy having a better protein drink choice and experiment with this formula! Let me know what works for you.

Benefits Of My Protein Formula:

Good for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
Contains fibers and probiotics (inulin and psyllium)
Contains plant-based sugar-free sweeteners (xylitol, erythritol, and stevia)
Customization ability with the protein formula
Calcium and magnesium enriched
Contains benefits of coconut
Contains natural flavoring
The lecithin improves fat digestion
Chemical sweetener free
No unwanted additives
The salt is a beneficial mineral salt

PLUS, you can change the types of protein powder you use, to your liking (vegan, egg or soy-free).


8 ounces plain unsweetened fermented soy isolate powder
4 ounces plain unsweetened brown rice protein powder
4 ounces plain unsweetened egg white protein powder
0.50 ounce coconut milk powder
56 grams xylitol
56 grams erythritol (Lakanto erythritol is a great choice)
40 grams vanilla powder
20 grams Inulin powder
2 grams white 80% strength stevioside powder
16 grams lecithin granules
7 grams BioSalt or sea salt (recipe on blog)
28 grams calcium/magnesium powder
20 grams psyllium husk powder, finely ground


In a large blender (VitaMix), mix all but the protein powders to disperse ingredients evenly (start on low speed!). Grind finely to powder the xylitol and erythritol.

Add egg white powder and blend on low.

Add more protein powder until the blender is filled to it's maximum fill line. Blend on low.

Dump blended protein mix into a large mixing bow..

Sift in the rest of the protein powder and whisk together very thoroughly with a wire whisk.

Transfer to an empty protein powder container and shake well.

Store in a cool, dry place.

To Mix Up A Protein Drink:

To an 8-ounce glass of purified water add 2 T. of the prepared protein powder drink mix.

Tip: You can use this protein drink mix in smoothies too.

Note: If you desire a less-sweet protein drink mix, cut the xylitol and erythritol in half.


Honeyville Grain has dried egg white powder (more affordable than Jay Robb's)
Good Earth Health Food Store has bulk protein powders, sea salt, xylitol, etc...

Have fun!