Saturday, February 28, 2015

Faux Brown Rice - Low Carb and DELICIOUS!

Baked "Brown Rice" Cauliflower

This is an amazing low carb side dish. You will love it. It's a great basic that you can serve with almost anything. It can even be made into fried rice, Spanish rice, curried rice, etc... We are currently working on a sweet rice pudding featuring cauliflower rice!

This is wonderful for those who are wanting to slim down, yet still enjoy eating fabulous food.

Cauliflower is naturally low carb, isn't that great? Now in this dish, it tastes great too!

Best of all, this is really easy to make...

Baked Cauliflower "Brown Rice" Style:

Wash and core a large cauliflower. Break off the flower clusters and cut off the stems. Do not use the stems, they ruin the rice-like texture we are after.

Break the flower clusters into small pieces, or roughly chop them.

Place cauliflower pieces into a food processor and pulse until you achieve a rice-like texture. Don't over do it.

Toss the processed cauliflower with about 1 T. onion powder (not onion salt!), to taste. This flavors and sweetens the cauliflower and also helps with browning.

Next, toss the cauliflower with melted salt-free fat or oil of choice: we used organic butter with a little bacon fat added. You could also use fat from a roast chicken - the leftover fat and bits (fond). Be generous with the fat or oil. You could also add about 1 T. almond, hazelnut, or pecan butter for a nuttier taste.

Spread the cauliflower inside a GREASED wide cake pan/dripper pan/pizza pan.

Bake in a 350 degree oven, on the top shelf, stirring every 20 minutes, until it is as tender and browned as you like. It took 1 hour in my oven.

Serve warm as you would rice, or use as a base for fried rice with egg, or as Spanish rice, even as a curried rice. Be creative with this faux brown rice.

Salt to taste when served.

Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The raw cauliflower processed to a rice-like texture.

 This the texture you are after.

Finished Cauliflower brown "rice"

One of my dad's favorite low-carb  meals (Stick Meat recipe on this blog)


Leila & Nancy.