Monday, February 23, 2015

BEST NEW HEALTHY CHOCOLATE in the World - Now being sold!

This is THE CHOCOLATE BAR we all have been waiting for!!!

My mom did it!!!

My mother, +Nancy Glazier, is the creator of this new healthy chocolate bar.

She LOVES chocolate and has been frustrated by the lack of tasty AND healthy chocolate choices in the market. Chocolate should not make you sick. My mom wanted to create a chocolate that everyone could enjoy, even those who have blood sugar issues or other health issues.  Chocolate by itself is healthy, it's all the other stuff that is typically added (sugar) that makes chocolate problematic.

Check out the CLEAN ingredient label at the bottom of this post. It's amazing.

She has been perfecting this amazing chocolate formula for a few years now, and it is FINALLY available for you, thanks to a company called Lakanto.

We are so excited to introduce this amazing chocolate to you here at Kitchen Cheetahs.

In many taste tests, this has been voted as the best tasting chocolate, hands down. People do not believe it is sugar free when they eat it. This chocolate is also easy on the digestive system, unlike other sugar free chocolates.

Try this gourmet healthy chocolate and We think you will agree that this is the best tasting chocolate ever, even better than the Belgian sugar-bomb chocolates. This chocolate is definitely worlds above the rest when comparing to all of the other sugar-free chocolates found on the market.

This gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate is sugar-free, chemical-free, low-carb, dairy-free, vegan, paleo... And GUILT-FREE! 

You can enjoy eating chocolate again! 


I just received this picture of the newly packaged gourmet chocolate last night. I hear it has sold out already.

More is being made of course and I have to find out where it is being sold in the market. I would like to have a link here on the Kitchen Cheetahs blog, to be able to directly purchase this chocolate. I'm working on it, so stay tuned. I just had to tell you the good news as soon as I received it! I can't wait to start posting recipes using this new chocolate!

We are working on healthy sugar-free caramels in the Cheetah Test Kitchens too. Can you imagine how much fun we are going to have together with all this chocolate and caramel action going on?

The back of the +LAKANTO - Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener chocolate bar

Do you see that this chocolate has about half the calories compared to regular chocolate?

Have a great day!