Saturday, January 31, 2015

Homemade Zesty Lemon Dill Seasoning Blend (Salt-Free)

Lemon Dill Seasoning (Salt-Free)

I created this salt-free seasoning blend to duplicate a blend sold in stores. It is much less expensive to make your own spice blends, plus, there are no added fillers, starches, or mystery ingredients, and you can customize them to your taste preference.

The lemon essential oil adds a definite brightness to this seasoning. This is a great basic to have in your spice cupboard. My family uses this seasoning on tuna and other fish. You can sprinkle this on salads, mix into sandwich spreads, dips, sprinkle over eggs, etc...


Yield: about 2 ounces

3 T. onion powder
1 T. granulated garlic
2 T. dill weed
2 t. dried lemon peel (or orange peel, 2nd choice)
2 t. dill seeds
1 t. Chile, dried and ground (or dried jalapeno)
20 drops organic lemon essential oil


Place the citrus peel in a 2-ounce glass spice jar. Drip lemon essential oil over citrus peel and let it be absorbed for a few minutes, with the lid secured.

Add the rest of the ingredients and shake together well (or blend in a bowl and pour back into the spice jar).

Store sealed in a cool, dark place.