Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fresh Carrot Apple Juice

Fresh Carrot-Apple Juice  

I still have some apples a dear friend gave me form her tree. They have been in cold storage but they need to be used up. I have made a lot of sugar-free apple sauce, but today I wanted some juice.
My family likes the taste of carrot apple juice better than carrot juice alone, so here we go...

I have a +Champion Juicer that my mom purchased way back in 1984. It's a good yellow beast, and I would highly recommend you getting one of your own. I prefer a masticating-style juicer (like the Champion) instead of a centrifugal-style juicer. You get more juice out of your produce, however the juicers are typically more expensive.

You can vary the ratio of carrots to apples, to taste. I like adding ascorbic acid because it gives me a longer storage life, it increases the vitamin C content, and it enhances the flavor of the apples.


3 parts washed organic carrots
2 parts washed apples (preferably organic)
1/2 t. ascorbic acid powder


Quarter the apples so that they will fit into your juicer. Removing the stems only.

Juice away, alternating apples with carrots. I make a half-gallon at a time.

Add ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C), to slow oxidation of the juice.

Secure lid, shake and drink some, chill the rest.

Compost the pulp.



I often add fresh ginger root, running the pulp through at least 2 to 3 times with some of the apple pulp.

I also will add a little raw beet at times.

Prep your produce

My juicing set-up

Start your engines...


More juicing

Look at all that nice pulp for composting...

Topping off my 1/2-gallon jar of juice


My family drank the whole batch in 1 day. I'm so glad they are getting all these nutrients.
Time to make some more!