Thursday, June 4, 2015

Warm Chocolate Filled Fresh FIGS - Fit for a king! Nancy Glazier's 1st official post!

The best thing you'll ever put in your mouth, trust me!

Sun warmed figs slathered in melted Lakanto Dark Chocolate.

It's Fig Season!

Yesterday morning, Leila and I went to a friends house and picked sun-warmed figs right off the tree. They were so sweet and ripe - little purses filled with crunchy jam. A sweet memory for us.

Even the figs that were starting to dry up a bit on the tree were delicious. Their sweetness concentrates and they start to get wonderfully chewy.

Fresh Picked Figs!

We took our bounty of figs home and melted some of my Lakanto sugar-free chocolate to spoon over the still warm figs. I've never had anything so delicious. The melted chocolate with sugary, crunchy warm figs is amazing.

 Fig wells - Ready for chocolate!
I found that cutting each fig in half and then making a deep well in each center (with a thumb) to hold more chocolate was the way to go.

Or you can dip the whole fig into the chocolate and just dive in. P.S... Don't wear a white shirt.

It's important to have jammy-soft figs for this treat. If you don't have access to a fig tree, try soaking dried white figs in warm water or apple juice until they are nice and soft. Remove from their soaking liquid - pat dry - and serve them warm with melted chocolate.

Figs have the highest fiber and mineral content of all common fruits, nuts, and vegetables. They also have as much as 1000 times more calcium than other common fruits and are 80% higher in potassium than bananas. They are extremely easy to digest. Few fruits equal a fig (try saying that fast 5 times).


Bon Appetit :)

Author, Nancy Glazier
Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Food Formulator.