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This healthy and delicious hot cocoa is one of Nancy Glazier's (my mom) formulas that she made especially for a wonderful company called Deep Cocoa. + 

This rich and creamy cocoa appeals to a niche market, those of us who want a rich and satisfying hot chocolate that is actually good for us!

Fortunately for my family, we got to enjoy this hot cocoa is it evolved in it's creation process. A perk of being my mom's daughter.

It truly is guilt-free. It's great with breakfast (or for breakfast at times). It chases away the chill of cold evenings, and of course is yummy any time of day when chocolate is called for (when is chocolate not called for?). I love to pour some of this hot cocoa in a thermos for outings and camping trips. I let my children drink it without worries and they love it.

We drink this beverage all year long. It is not seasonal at our house. In warm weather I prepare this cocoa mix as milk chocolate! To help the mix dissolve easily, I pour into a glass a little warm water, add the cocoa mix and stir until dissolved, then I top off the glass with cold water or cold almond milk or organic milk, to taste. YUM.

Another thing I love about this beverage is that it is good for those of us who want to slim down and remain slim. It has a satiating quality that really helps to curb cravings - and you don't feel treat deprived. I found it really works.

Shortly after the launch of Deep Cocoa, I volunteered to help out at the Deep Cocoa booth at some expos. It was really fun to see people's response to this beverage. As they would sample it, their eyes would brighten and a smile would spread across their face. And when they heard it was sugar free, they would exclaim "NO Way!" I enjoyed telling the public about all the health benefits of this comforting drink.

What felt the best to me was knowing that what I was sharing with people, was actually good for them. The world needs more healthy comfort foods. That is why I am sharing this with you now.

I hope you will go to and support their business endeavor. This company is doing a good thing in providing for us a terrific healthy chocolate drink that is:

Artificial sweetener-free

In other words, this drink is awesome! Good job mom!



For many the words “sugar free” and “chocolate” don’t belong in the same sentence. But times are changing and with the advent of new and innovative natural 0-calorie sweeteners, it’s now possible to create a truly great tasting sugar free hot chocolate without resorting to artificial sweeteners. Possible, but not easy and that’s where Deep Cocoa Hot Chocolate comes in.
Deep Cocoa was three years in the making. That’s how long it takes to create something really special. Understanding how to combine multiple natural sweeteners in a way to duplicate the taste of sugar is no easy task. We’re out to prove that Deep Cocoa Hot Chocolate tastes as good or better than sugar sweetened hot chocolate mixes and is superior to “no sugar added” varieties that utilize artificial, chemically produced sweeteners. We use only the best natural cocoa powder, plant-based natural sweeteners and other top quality ingredients. Deep Cocoa not only tastes great without sugar, it’s also a good source of protein and fiber.

Where else could you find a satisfying cup of hot chocolate with only 35 calories, less than one gram of fat and only four net carbs? We’re confident you’ll agree that Deep Cocoa Hot Chocolate is the best sugar free (or no sugar added hot chocolate) that you’ve ever tasted. We back up every purchase with a 100% money-back guarantee.


On a cold, gray day in February 2011, I was working in my office at Amber Lyn Chocolates in St. George, Utah. We were a small chocolate company specializing in sugar free Belgian chocolate. My phone rang and one of the ladies in our retail store asked if I would walk over to meet with a customer who wanted to talk to the boss.
I walked across the alley separating the store from the factory and through the bustling shipping area to the storefront. There I met Nancy for the first time. She was a very nice lady, probably in her early 60's, thin and brimming with energy. She told me how much she and her husband appreciated our chocolate since they didn’t eat sugar and both were gluten intolerant. We received compliments like that all the time from our online customers and it was especially nice to hear one in person. Then she asked me a very strange question.
"What do you want to do next?"
"Next?" I repeated.
"Yes, what are you working on? What are you doing in the way of new products?"
That’s the first time a customer had ever asked me that. Over the almost four years that I had been running the company, lots of people came to us with the next “big thing” in chocolate that they wanted us to make. I thought that I was in for another not-so-great suggestion.
"Well, actually, I’ve been thinking about developing a sugar free hot chocolate that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners and tastes as good or better than Swiss Miss or Hershey’s.”
Without a moment’s hesitation she said, "I can do that."
Nancy went on to tell me that she was a food designer. She said she’d have something for me to try in a week or two– and she did.
We’re not going to beat Thomas Edison’s tries at inventing the light bulb (1000 failures) but we have been persistent about creating as perfect a sugar free hot chocolate recipe as is humanly possible.
Edison is reported to have said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Here at Deep Cocoa we’ve spent nearly two years and we’ve found nearly a hundred different iterations that weren’t quite right. So we kept on working, searching and formulating.
Deep Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix is the finest, highest quality sugar free hot cocoa mix available today. It costs a little bit more than the “major” brands you’ll find in the supermarket aisle, but that’s because we refuse to compromise. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or anything else that’s not good for you. You will find the highest quality cocoa powder, all natural, non-caloric sweeteners and other natural flavors and ingredients. We think you’ll like it as much as we do.

"It's really good.  We promise.  So get shopping so you can get sipping as soon as possible."


Leila & Nancy