Sunday, February 8, 2015

Soothing Mint Tea - Herbal Tea formula #1 in a series

Time for Tea

A few years back, When we owned our food manufacturing business, I had intentions of creating and selling a line of delicious and healthy loose-leaf herbal teas. I developed and tested several tasty and unique formulas, found the sources I needed for bulk herbal supplies, found the desired packaging, worked on name and logo ideas... Well, That project wasn't to be...

I hope you will pamper yourself and enjoy making and drinking these teas. They are naturally caffeine-free so you do not have to worry about them being over-stimulating. The individual herbs used are beneficial to the body and are worth learning about on their own. Beside being very enjoyable, these herbal tea blends are good for your digestion, are loaded with minerals and antioxidants, and have uplifting effects upon the body.

These teas smell heavenly and will delight your taste buds, and are designed to use year round!

Enjoy these herbal blends hot or iced.

Enjoy a cup on cold winter mornings and evenings to chase away the winter chill. They also help chase away colds and are so comforting. Try adding a squeeze of lemon and raw honey when serving. Or make it sugar-free by sweetening with Stevia Glycerite (recipe on this blog). About 4 drops Stevia Glycerite is all you need to sweeten your mug of herbal tea! We find that a cup of hot herbal tea helps us relax before bedtime.

During the heat of summer, try brewing these teas as a sun tea, and then serve chilled with some Stevia Glycerite to lightly sweeten, maybe a splash of lemon or lime and lots of ice. Iced herbal tea makes a great thirst quencher and is so much better for your family than sugar-filled sodas, and such.

Soothing Mint Tea is the first of a series of herbal tea recipes that I will be posting on this blog, I hope you enjoy them.

Soothing Mint Tea: This blend is a favorite in our home any time and is especially good for settling the tummy and easing sore throats or fevers.


1.00 ounces  Dried Spearmint Leaves
0.60 ounces  Dried Peppermint Leaves
0.20 ounces  Cinnamon Bark Chips
0.10 ounces  Dried Pink Rose Petals


Coarsely grind the cinnamon chips in a seed mill.
Mix the dried herbs and cinnamon together.
Store air-tight in a cool dark place.

To Brew Herbal Tea:

Bring purified water to a boil in a stove-top kettle.
Place 1 to 2 teaspoons desired loose leaf herbal tea blend into a cup.
Pour about 1 cup boiling water over the herbs and cover the cup.
Allow to steep 5 minutes.
Strain and sweeten if desired.

Sun Tea Preparation:

Fill a 1/2-gallon jar with purified water.
Fill a reusable tea bag with desired herbal tea formula (or pour herbs in jar and just strain out later).
Set the jar outside in the sunshine for 6 hours or so.
Chill the tea.


You may use a bamboo tea strainer or Tea-ball to make straining your teas a snap.

At our house, we use a French coffee press to make bigger batches of tea - it works great!

To your health,


French Press

Bamboo Tea Strainer
Tea Ball Infuser