Thursday, January 29, 2015

Easy Peasy Almond Squeezy - A quick recipe for almond milk

Speedy-Fast Almond Milk

This is a yummy almond milk from my mother's recipe archive. We often have pre-soaked almonds in a jar in the fridge, which makes preparing this delicious almond milk a 'breeze'. This recipe requires no straining, so it saves you time. This is not as smooth as my previous almond milk recipe, because of the almond fiber, but you gotta do what you gotta do...


Difficulty level: Easy Peasy Almond Squeezy
Yield: 1 quart

1 1/2 c. raw almonds
4 c. warm water
1-2 t. raw organic honey or organic agave nectar (use xylitol for a sugar-free version)
a few drops of real vanilla extract (or clear vanilla to keep the milk white)
a pinch of sea salt or BioSalt (recipe on this blog)
a pinch of fresh ground nutmeg


To prepare the almonds:

Rinse and soak 1 1/2 cups raw, shelled almonds in water for a total of 24 hours, rinsing every so often until the soaking water is no longer colored. Drain. The almonds will have expanded in size a bit. Store in a sealed jar in the fridge until use.

You can plan ahead and pre-soak the almonds and keep them in the refrigerator until needed.

For the whitest almond milk, peel off the brown skins, if you care to....I don't.

To make the almond milk:

In a high-powered blender, thoroughly puree the soaked almonds with 4 cups of warm water. While blending, add the sweetener of choice, vanilla, salt and nutmeg.

Taste and pour into a 1-quart jar with tight fitting lid. Keep chilled.


If you only have a regular blender, puree the almonds in 2 batches, using 2 cups warm water per batch.