Saturday, January 10, 2015

"C" SOAKED SUNNIES (No more dingy sunflower seeds!)


Our family likes these raw sunflower seeds because they have a beautiful look, nice texture and they taste great. They are so easy to prepare and use. They are a living food and are very nutritious too. you can add these to smoothies, salads, puree for seed butters, use as a topping, etc...or just snack on them as is.

Vegan, Raw food

Difficulty level: Easy peasy


1/2 c. fresh raw hulled sunflower seeds
Ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C crystals)


Rinse the whole sunflower seeds well. Pace in a glass jar and fill the jar half way up with water.

Add a pinch of ascorbic acid powder

Tighten on the lid of the jar and shake to disperse the ascorbic acid.

Put the jar into the refrigerator. You can store the sunflower seeds this way for up to a week. Just drain the sunnies to use.


It is easy to see the bad sunflower seeds because they will be darker and brown, so you can easily pick them out and discard them.

Cool Fact:

These soaked seeds stay fresh and beautifully white colored, unlike sunflower seeds soaked without the ascorbic acid.


Vitamin "C" crystals fron NOW brand, NutriBiotic brand, or other supplement company. Find in health food stores or online.

Have a healthy day,